Slimdropico is a slim figure in drops! This formula contains a range of proven ingredients that support weight loss, encapsulated in an innovative form of drops. This form ensures faster absorption than in the case of ordinary capsules, as well as convenient and pleasant use - you can add the drops to your favourite juice and drink with taste. The ingredients of Slimdropico have been selected to work effectively together.


  • Yerba mate blocks fat accumulation and speeds up metabolism.

  • Ginger and viola tricolor reduce appetite and give a sense of satiety.

  • Dandelion and sage accelerate fat burning.

  • Peppermint and lovage facilitate digestion.


Slimdropico contains only active extracts, a carrier in the form of glycerol and deionized water. The composition is free of fillers and other additives. One package contains 50 ml.